What is Voodle?

Voodle is the short async video app for business. We are a remote-first team on a mission to transform how next generation teams connect, align, and collaborate, and we’re seeking a sales intern to join us through this exciting period of growth!

This is a rare opportunity to make an incredible impact at an early stage, venture-backed startup with a large addressable market opportunity. If you are excited to dig in and join a fun, creative, and driven team, we'd love to get to know you.

Interested in learning more about what it's like to work with us? Check out our Voodle Culture Book.

What will Foster Sales Program interns work on at Voodle?

Voodle is a B2B application that has a Product Led Growth model. Similar to how apps like Asana or Slack or Dropbox are adopted within organizations, individual team members initially use the app for a specific use case and then usage virally spreads across the organization. It’s a freemium model so monetization will come later and will be a standard SaaS subscription model similar to the companies mentioned.

Our interns will join the Voodle “Money Team” (what we call sales, customer success, and marketing) and work as business development representatives with adoption and usage of Voodle by our target audience being the key metrics. The current target use case is within hiring workflows, you can find more information on this use case here. We are looking for candidates who can apply creativity to their process, exploring and finding new ways to attract users to the platform. Techniques will include phone, email, and social media. Booking demo meetings for our chief customer officer and head of customer engagement will be the primary task but you will also sit in on those meetings and potentially run them yourself as your experience grows.

Who should apply?

Voodle is essentially TikTok for the workplace! Do you have ideas on how short video can add value within companies? Do you like being on the forefront of a new sector? Are you creative and never give up? Are you interested in working at an early stage company (Seed Stage)? Are you comfortable working for an all-remote company? Then you should apply! We’d love to meet you.

Who can I connect with to learn more?

Email Rachel Lanham, Chief Customer Officer, or check out this voodle from her and send along a reply voodle!